About CBC Sweden AB

In 2011 we started the business that use bark to clean fuel and oil contaminated water in a very enviromental friendly way. We thougt that the process of adding more chemicals to contaminated water isn’t the right way. Instead we filter the water through our absorbent based on bark. The bark from the pine tree that got a great absorbency factor and with our treatment of the bark we managed it to absorb all common occurring petroleum products very well. We are absolutely convinced that this is the right way to treat petroleum contaminated water.


Our vision

To became a big player on the world market for water purification.



Our product is very useful for customers that regulary has to treat large amount of water contaminated by petroleum. Our process is simple to manage and it treats the water without adding flocculants or other chemical substances to the water, and thats makes this a very enviromentaly friendly method.